from June 7 Tues. through June 10 Fri., 2016, at Tokyo Big Sight 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Reverse Pillow Wrapping Machine for vegetable PAW-6000B
Stretch Wrapping Machine GN821
Normal Pillow Wrapping Machine PROTO-C700B
Reverse Pillow Wrapping Machine eg1
Fold Wrapping machine KU-9

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Exhibitor Information

Main Products Three industries of Confectionery, Vegetables and Noodles form the pillars of our wrapping machines business. In addition, our machines are used in Paper, Fish Food Processing, medical products and sundry goods industries etc. Recently, customers demand for vegetables wrapping machines has been enhanced and we have been receiving many compliments “We can’t think of vegetables wrapping machines without thinking of Polystar machines.” from our various customers.
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