from July 9 Tues. through July 12 Fri., 2019, at Tokyo Big Sight 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

FOOMA JAPAN 2019 Exhibit Requirements

The exhibitor's application of FOOMA JAPAN 2019 is closed as of November 21st. Thank you.

1. FOOMA JAPAN 2019 booth types

  • Choose your booth type form Type A (7.5 m²) to Type H (90.0 m²).
Type Aisle side × Depth
A 7.5m² 3.0 m × 2.5 m
B 15.0m² 6.0 m × 2.5 m
D 30.0m² 6.0 m × 5.0 m
E 45.0m² 9.0 m × 5.0 m
G 67.5m² 9.0 m × 7.5 m
H 90.0m² 12.0 m × 7.5 m

* Dimensions are inclusive of basic wall space. Refer to the guidelines distributed at the orientation session for system dimensions.

Booth Types' figure

  • Types A, B, and D generally are open on one side only (not corner booths).
    The option of specifying open spaces for entry reception in square units is no longer available.
  • Types E, G, and H generally open on two sides (corner booths). The sides that are open vary according to the positioning of the booths.

2. Exhibition fees

Type Booth fee Sales tax Total
A ¥ 270,000¥ 21,600¥ 291,600
B ¥ 540,000¥ 43,200¥ 583,200
D ¥ 1,080,000¥ 86,400¥ 1,166,400
E ¥ 1,620,000¥ 129,600¥ 1,749,600
G ¥ 2,430,000¥ 194,400¥ 2,624,400
H ¥ 3,240,000¥ 259,200¥ 3,499,200

Included in exhibition fee

  • Exhibit space
  • Partition walls (Octanorm system panels)
    (N.B. Partition walls are not installed in booths positioned on the truck yard side)
  • Works for installation of single-phase electric cable of up to 100 V/0.3 kW
  • Works for construction and maintenance of shared facilities
  • Advertising (posters, invitations, etc.)
  • Visitor services
  • Safety management, personnel, security, etc.

Not included in exhibition fee

  • Decoration and management of your company's exhibit space
  • Cost of secondary works and usage charges within your company's exhibit space for electricity, water supply and drainage, gas, and air
  • Premiums for damage insurance covering your own exhibited products, equipment, etc.
  • Expenses related to personal injury, property damage, etc., occurring during exhibition, demonstration, or carriage of products
  • Expenses for repair of exhibit decorations, etc., required by law or by the Exhibit Requirements

3. Application

1) Application period

The application periods are as indicated below, and application processing is not on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit your applications to the FOOMA JAPAN Secretariat in the periods accompanied by a Notification of Products for Exhibit form. Applications will only be valid if postmarked no later than the final day of the reception period.
Thursday, November 1, 2018 -Post marked no later than Wednesday, November 21, 2018

2) Receipt of applications

Please complete the application and the Notification of Products for Exhibit form clearly and fully, and be sure to sign the form before mailing it to the Secretariat. We cannot accept application forms that are unsigned or that have not been completed properly.
In anticipation of possible problems affecting delivery of your application form, please use some method of verifying the delivery status.
Applications by telephone, fax, e-mail, or in-person submission cannot be accepted.
  1. Please ensure that you insert one choice for your desired type of exhibit space in your application form.
  2. Please ensure that your application form is accompanied by a completed Notification of Products for Exhibit.
  3. After the termination of the application period, the organizer will decide on the exhibitors after considering the products and services for exhibit, exhibit size, past record, whether demonstrations will be given, etc.
  4. Check the corresponding box on the application form if you are flexible about your exhibition space type.

3) Decision on applications

Acceptance of application is proved by sending you the receipt of acceptance from the Secretariat with its approval seal.

4) Send applications to

FOOMA JAPAN Secretariat
3F FOOMA Bldg., 3-19-20 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023

4. Joint exhibits

A joint exhibit refers to cases in which one exhibiting company submits an application and multiple companies use the exhibit space together. The company that makes such an application must, when applying, notify the Secretariat of the names of the companies participating in the joint exhibit, and comply with the following conditions.

  1. The organizer must be able to determine clearly that the exhibit space is the applicant company's booth.
  2. The exhibit space must not be divided up and configured into independent parts. (If that were to occur, the space concerned would be deemed to have been sublet, resold, or transferred.)
  3. Drawings must be submitted in advance and approved by the Secretariat. The names of the companies participating in joint exhibits will be posted in official publications and the official website as ancillary to the applicant company. Items distributed or provided to exhibiting companies will be provided to the applicant only.

*Some exhibitors apply independently but request booths adjacent to each other, in which case the total exhibit space will be subject to the limitations described above in section 1 (FOOMA JAPAN 2019 booth types).
In these cases, when each exhibitor applies it must indicate in its application form the booth type for the combined booth units, the number of square meters for that company's booth only (a multiple of 7.5 square meters), and the company's portion of the exhibition fees calculated on the basis of the number of square meters it will use.

The above requests may only be made by fellow regular members, fellow supporting members, and fellow nonmembers for which the application period is the same.

5. Deadline for payment of the exhibition fee

Thursday, January 31, 2019

6. Bank transfers

Account name :
The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association
Address :
FOOMA Bldg., 3-19-20 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023
Account number :
Ordinary account #795164
Bank :
Mizuho Bank, Shimbashi Branch

7. Basic application condition

All exhibitors shall agree with the purpose for which FOOMA JAPAN is being organized and shall not be permitted to exhibit any items not specified in the column of the application form in which the products to be exhibited are specified.

8. Exhibit items (products, technologies, services)

All items exhibited must conform to the purpose for which FOOMA JAPAN is being organized. Used products and imitation products may not be exhibited. All items (products, technologies, services) to be exhibited must be specified on the application and the Notification of Products for Exhibit form. At the time those forms are made, the organizer may screen exhibitors and exhibit items, and if they are found not to comply with the aims of the exhibition, the applications concerned may be deferred or rejected without explanation as to the reasons.

9. Invoicing and payment of the exhibition fees

The organizer will send each exhibiting company an invoice for the exhibition fee after their applications are officially accepted.
The exhibiting companies will transfer the exhibition fees to the organizer's designated bank account by Thursday, January 31, 2019, bank transfer fees being borne by the exhibiting company.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel acceptance of an application and reject the exhibit of the exhibiting company concerned in the event that payment of the exhibition fee is not confirmed by the payment deadline. In that event, a cancellation fee will be charged for the cancellation of the application.

10. Cancellation of the exhibit application

  1. If an exhibitor cancels its exhibit for its own reasons, a cancellation fee will be charged as specified below.
  2. A cancellation fee shall be calculated on the basis of the day that a written notice of cancellation of an exhibit is received.
  3. Exhibit cancellation fees:
Date of receipt of written cancellation notice Penalty (percentage of exhibition fee)
By Monday, December 3, 2018 50%
Tuesday, December 4, 2018,
to Thursday, January 31, 2019
On or after Friday, Febrary 1, 2019 100%
  1. If an exhibiting company has not yet paid the relevant amount as specified above, it must pay it promptly. If an exhibiting company has already paid an amount that exceeds the relevant amount specified above, the excess amount shall be refunded by the organizer.
  2. If an exhibiting company is in serious violation of the Exhibit Rules, either prior to the start of the exhibition or during the course thereof, or if its exhibit application form contains false information, or if it exhibits something other than registered items, the Secretariat may cancel its exhibit immediately and charge a cancellation fee.

11. Changing the type of exhibit space

Changes in exhibition space type are not possible after applications have been accepted.

12. Determination of the location of exhibit space

  1. The organizer decides on the positioning of exhibit spaces after considering the products and services for exhibit, exhibit size, past record, whether demonstrations will be given, etc.
  2. The Secretariat has the right to change the location of exhibit space (venue layout) for the convenience of exhibition visitors or for the purpose of enhancing the impact of exhibits or of complying with relevant laws and regulations, and for that purpose to reallocate exhibit space. In that event, exhibitors may not claim compensation for changes to the location of exhibit space.

13. Prohibition of the resale, etc., of exhibit space

Exhibitors may not sublet, sell, exchange, or transfer their exhibit space, irrespective of whether money has been received.

14. Restrictions on the height of exhibited products

There are no restrictions on the height of exhibited products. However, if a company name, trademark, product name, etc., is affixed to such a product, the said company name, trademark, product name, etc., will be deemed to be a signboard, and the regulations governing the height of exhibit decorations will apply.

15. On-site demonstrations

  1. Operations or demonstrations that entail the use of open flames or hazardous substances can only be conducted in booths or designated places after prior permission from the Fukagawa Fire Department has been obtained.
  2. If electricity, gas, water supply and drainage, etc., are necessary, please indicate them in the Notification of Products for Exhibit form, then apply for them in the prescribed form distributed at the exhibitor orientation session.
  3. Exhibitors who plan to offer tasting in their booths need to install water supply and drainage equipment in accordance with health regulations. Make the appropriate entries for that equipment on the Notification of Products for Exhibit form, and make an application for the equipment in accordance with the guidelines distributed at the orientation.

16. Restrictions on installation equipment

Exhibitors cannot, as a rule, use 10-ton trucks or rafter cranes to install their booths.

17. On-site sales of exhibited products

Exhibitors who wish to sell any exhibited products at their booths should state that in their application forms and must report details of their implementation, etc., plans in compliance with applicable laws and regulations to the Secretariat. Sales may only be conducted with the approval of the Secretariat.

18. Arrangement and removal of exhibit items

  1. The installation of items to be exhibited in the venue must be conducted within the time period to be notified later by the Secretariat. The positioning of exhibit items in exhibit spaces must be completed by 2p.m. on the day immediately preceding the start of the exhibition. If exhibitors do not occupy their exhibit space by the time specified above, the Secretariat will have the right to deem that to constitute a cancellation of the contract and to use the place concerned in any manner it considers appropriate. In that event, the exhibitors shall pay a cancellation fee to the organizer for cancellation as of that same day.
  2. Exhibitors must obtain the prior approval of the Secretariat when taking out, moving, and bringing in exhibit items during the exhibition period.
  3. Exhibit items and decorations, etc., in exhibit spaces must be removed within the time period to be notified later by the Secretariat. Items not removed by that time will be removed by the Secretariat at the exhibitors' expense.

19. Use of the exhibition hall

  1. All demonstrations and other publicity activities shall be conducted within exhibit spaces only, and all exhibitors shall be responsible for ensuring that demonstrations and other publicity activities do not cause aisles close to their exhibit spaces to become congested.
  2. Fixtures that might obstruct or interfere in any way with adjoining exhibit spaces are not permissible. If the secretariat receives complaints in this regard, it will determine whether any interference in violation of the exhibition guidelines or any other violation of the guidelines has occurred and whether any rectification is required. Exhibitors must comply with any modifications ordered by the organizer to resolve such obstruction or interference.
  3. The secretariat has the right to require exhibitors to moderate, cease, or remove exhibits that violate policy guidelines for noise, power consumption, odors, smoke, materials, or mode of operation. This right pertains to human behavior, booth fixtures, and exhibition materials.
  4. The organizer will not return any portion of the exhibition fee or other payments received from exhibitors who incur the above-mentioned moderation, cessation, or removal order. Nor will the organizer be responsible for any losses incurred by exhibitors in connection with such moderation, cessation, or removal.

20. Management of exhibit items and disclaimer

With regard to the management and maintenance of exhibit items, the Secretariat will take the greatest possible care to prevent incidents, including by means of the stationing of security guards, but shall bear no responsibility for loss or damage arising from any cause.

21. Compensation for damage

In the event of damage or injury to fixtures or fittings or the structure of the exhibition hall or to persons, etc., as a result of negligence on the part of exhibitors or their agents, the said exhibitors shall bear full liability therefor.

22. Suspension of the exhibition

In the event that the land or buildings housing the exhibition become unfit to permit entry, or that the holding of the exhibition is blocked or impeded by legitimate force majeure, the organizer may at its own discretion decide to change the exhibition period or to suspend it. The organizer shall bear no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost increase, or other disadvantageous outcome that may result from such a decision.

23. Compliance with the rules and regulations

The making of an exhibition application implies agreement to comply with the Exhibit Requirements and all decoration, safety and other regulations set out in the exhibitors' manual.

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