July 9(Tues)-12(Fri),2019 Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1-4, Atrium, South Hall 1-4

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  • NHF-700:HiGRIP THE 4th Cushioning, slip resistance, all comfort is the best shoe ever FOOMA JAPAN Debut New
  • Food Defense Uniforms: Comfortable to wear, measures against contamination are perfect FOOMA JAPAN Debut New
  • Nitrile gloves new product 1: High fit, allergy free all-purpose disposable gloves FOOMA JAPAN Debut New
  • Nitrile gloves new product 2: Special gloves using metal detector compatible material New
  • Heat stroke product: "Cool holder" that lasts for 3 hours FOOMA JAPAN Debut New

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*西 - West Hall / 西AT - West Hall Atrium / 南 - South Hall

Exhibitor Information

Main Products Shoes that will not slip even on wet floors, uniforms for preventing contamination, hanging-off preventing hoods, sanitary gloves, gloves to prevent injury, air shower, measures against heat stroke, detergents, brushes, windshield wipers
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