July 9(Tues)-12(Fri),2019 Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1-4, Atrium, South Hall 1-4

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  • 【Team Cross FA】Realize Smart Factory in one stop FOOMA JAPAN Debut
  • 【FA Products】Various package products for small start of realization of smart factory FOOMA JAPAN Debut New
  • 【Office FA.com】 Quantitative picking realized by innovative robot hand and AI (Deep learning) FOOMA JAPAN Debut New
  • 【Robotcom】Japan's first automation / robotization "concept design" specialized service FOOMA JAPAN Debut
  • 【Phoxter】Deep learning visual inspection software FOOMA JAPAN Debut New
  • 【Japan support system】Optimal system combining manufacturing technology and digital technology FOOMA JAPAN Debut

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*西 - West Hall / 西AT - West Hall Atrium / 南 - South Hall

Exhibitor Information

Main Products Comprehensive support for smart factory construction
1_ Various IoT packages such as "predictive maintenance" and "operation monitoring"
2_ support for the introduction of production simulation software
3_ various robot package
Address Shinbashi ANNEX 2F,5-35-10,Shinbashi,Minato-ku,Tokyo
TEL +81-3-6453-6761
FAX +81-3-6453-6762
E-mail fasales@fa-products.jp

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Joint Exhibitor OFFICE FA.COM CO., LTD.
Address 293-21, Naranoki, Oyama-shi, Tochigi 329-0216, Japan
TEL +81-285-41-1140
FAX +81-285-41-1164
Joint Exhibitor ROBOTCOM CORP.
Address Shimbashi ANNEX 2F, 5-35-10, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan
TEL +81-3-6435-6395
FAX +81-3-6435-6396
Address 6F, 1-2-14, Shinsenrinishimachi, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka 560-0083, Japan
TEL +81-6-6155-6744
FAX +81-6-6155-6745
Joint Exhibitor JAPAN SUPPORT SYSTEM.Ltd.,
Address 4666-1777,Ami,Amimachi,Inashikigun,Ibaraki 300-0331,Japan
TEL +81-29-840-2777
FAX +81-29-840-2770

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