July 9(Tues)-12(Fri),2019 Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1-4, Atrium, South Hall 1-4

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Innovative STEAM Stretching-Moulding unit mod. COMPACT LAB for the production of pasta filata cheese ( mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, pizza cheese etc.)

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*西 - West Hall / 西AT - West Hall Atrium / 南 - South Hall

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Main Products "MilkyLAB Italy is a leader in designing and producing machines and automatic systems to produce mozzarella, pizza cheese and cheeses since 1980. Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired over the years in the Italian and international cheese industry, MilkyLAB guarantees clients the best assistance and maximum professionalism in the choice of the right technologies.

We provide turn keys solutions for the production of different types of cheese like Mozzarella cheese, Analogue cheese, Ricotta, String cheese, Processed cheese and Semi - hard cheese.

Various equipment catalogue including:
Curd cutter, Cooker-stretcher, Cooker Mixer Melter, Moulding machine, Extruder, Cooling and brining vat, Automatic loading unit, Cleaning tunnel and chamber, Cheese coating chamber, Cheese vat, Moulder for hard and semi-hard cheese, Equipment for Ricotta
Address Via Raimondo Della Costa 670/A  -  41122 Modena, Italy
TEL +39-059-260723
FAX +39-059-253809
E-mail info@milkylab.it

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