Chairperson Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association  Eiichi Umiuchi

We are the Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association will proudly host the 43rd FOOMA JAPAN exhibition in June 2020. That will be the 43rd FOOMA JAPAN exhibition, and it will be the first to take place outside Tokyo. The FOOMA JAPAN venue is shifting to Osaka in 2020 to accommodate the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Intex Osaka, the staging ground for FOOMA JAPAN 2020 OSAKA, is the largest exhibition site in western Japan.

We look forward to the opportunity to share perspectives on evolving food technologies with visitors and exhibitors in western Japan.

Although the venue will change, FOOMA JAPAN will remain a platform for exhibitors to showcase their advances in products and services and for visitors to discover new solutions for issues that they face. Our theme for FOOMA JAPAN 2020 OSAKA is “Food Technology, Osaka Convergence.” The exhibits will highlight leading-edge technologies, products, and services for advancing the state of the art in every phase of the food industry.

Thus will FOOMA JAPAN make further contributions to continuing progress in creating and distributing quality food. We look forward to seeing you at FOOMA JAPAN 2020 OSAKA.

Chairperson FOOMA JAPAN 2020 Exhibition Committee  Masaru Aihara

FOOMA JAPAN annually attracts a rare multitude of visitors with its comprehensive exhibits of food technology. The exhibition moves in 2020 from its longstanding home at Tokyo Big Sight to Intex Osaka. Regardless of venue, we in the exhibition committee remain committed to supporting fertile business negotiations and customer development for our exhibitors.

We will devote unsparing effort to mobilizing the largest possible turnout for FOOMA JAPAN 2020 OSAKA. We will be equally diligent in working to provide exhibitors with every kind of assistance possible.

FOOMA JAPAN 2020 OSAKA is an invaluable opportunity for cultivating business in Osaka, throughout western Japan, and in Asian nations across the sea. We call on all companies in the food industry to make the most of this opportunity.