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With a focus on food manufacturing and processing machinery, products, technologies,
and services in all areas of the food manufacturing process,
from raw material processing to packaging and distribution,
have been gathered on this website!!

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New release in FOOMA JAPAN The best optical sorter for frozen products
product image

Dryce is an optical sorting machine with high resolution cameras that examine the product using the "free fall double side view" system which analyses 100% of the surface of each product. Dryce can dispose of color defects, black spots, stalks, seeds, mold and foreign bodies. It can sort by caliber and in some cases also by shape.

Theme Foreign objects measures / Safety measures

Category Food Materials Processing / Measurement, Analysis, and Inspection

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RAYTEC VISION S.P.A. View Exhibitor
Mugen Mixer
Mugen Mixer seeks ultimate blending technology ! Patented. Innovative and unique product in the vessel rotation type blender category.
product image

Conventional type tumbler mixer is only able to input materials 45% of its vessels. But Mugen realizes 70% high loading rate. And also blending time is very short with realizing homogenous blending. Space and energy saving product. Improve production capacity. Simple structure and easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Theme Productivity improvement

Category Food Materials Processing

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