FOOMA JAPAN 2020 Online Exhibition

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Multi-stage type screw press/squrrzer MTS-SP type
Adoption of the world's first hydraulic filtration method(patented) prevents filter blinding caused by drying,and prevents the oxidation of fluit juice.
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Filter pore diameter is φ0.1mm(stainless steel), the finest screw press filter available. Very few insoluble solids remain in the filtrate, making this squeezer most suitable for the squeezing of soy milk, green vegetable juice, tea,fluit juice, apples, carrots, and other vegetables. It drastically increases squeezing yield.

Theme The first product in the world / Popular overseas / Productivity improvement / Downsizing / Food loss measures

Category Food Materials Processing / Food Manufacturing, Processing, and Preparation(Beverages and Dairy Products / Agricultural Produce / Tofu) / Environmental Protection and Recycling

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New release in FOOMA JAPAN No More Human Errors and Mistakes Absolutely Saves "Time" and "Labor"
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Stress free for mismeasurement and man-made mistake. Automatic discharging system by pre-setting, no need one by one mixing calculation and no further individual operations. Once starting, the Recipe machine is working without assistant operator.

Theme Productivity improvement / Food loss measures / Foreign objects measures / Labor shortage solution

Category Food Materials Processing / Food Manufacturing, Processing, and Preparation(Baked Goods and Confectionery / Prepared Foods)

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