FOOMA JAPAN 2020 Online Exhibition

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Washable stainless steel motor
The washable stainless steel motor is Japanese specification.
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A motor that is resistant to corrosion, which is important for food hygiene. Useful for improving hygiene in food production sites.

Theme HACCP / Others

Category Food Materials Processing / Food Manufacturing, Processing, and Preparation(Baked Goods and Confectionery / Meats and Seafood / Noodles and Pasta / Prepared Foods / Beverages and Dairy Products / Tofu / Fermented and Distilled Products / Other) / Hygiene / Equipment and Components

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JAPAN ECO TECH CO., LTD. View Exhibitor
Rice Cake Machine
The machine which makes a Rice cake (Pon sen) automatically. By simply changing the molds, you can create rice cakes (Pon sen) of any ahape.
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Wepop Rice cake Machine has been designed to produce rice cakes (Pon sen) with maximum ease and efficiency.

Theme Popular overseas / Food loss measures

Category Food Manufacturing, Processing, and Preparation(Baked Goods and Confectionery)

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WEPOP CO., LTD. View Exhibitor