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Booth Highlights

Air Force,an automatic dehydrator for cut vegetables,will be exhibited for the first time.
It is an altimate device with full of HOSODA's Know-How.
The vegetable washing line "Fresh Salad System"
that connects a colander basket type automatic dehydrator "FTD" with a robot arm
and the foreign matter detection and removal device "Gleemmy h"
will be also exhibited as we did last year.
And the newly developed product batch type colander basket
automatic dehydrator has been fully automated
except putting in and taking out the basket.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. As food washing machines,there are automatic basket-reversing type, water transport type, whole immersion type,and colander basket type,etc.
After washing,we have various dehydrators and conveyors,etc.
An automatic line especially for "bean sprouts",including shell removal, root cutting,water removal,inspection and weighing. We also have seed sterilization system,trolley reversal and cleaning device.
For boiled noodles,there are boiling/cooling and scaling machine,salt water supply device,and pot mixer. We also have blanching/cooling and thawing device for meat and seafood.
Location 2-2-38, Taishido, Yao-shi, Osaka 581-0063, Japan
TEL +81-72-994-1684
FAX +81-72-994-1642
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E-mail sales@hosoda.jp
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