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・The actual DI-16SF aseptic filling machine and samples of Intercept bags filled with the machine are on display. The operability of the filling machine can also be explained and viewed using the actual machine. We also show a video of the filling process, so please take a look at it and see how the product is filled.・Infrared Gauges are designed to measure the moisture, protein, oil(fat) content of materials in a variety of industries.・Combolife is a good operability1000L plastic foldable and assembly container manufactured for transportation and storage of large volumes of liquid products.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. ・The INTERCEPT Aseptic Filling Machine is a system capable of aseptically filling sterile products into sterile packaging materials regardless of the surrounding environment. A wide range of filling capacities from 2-1000L are handled.・Series9 On-Line Gauge, Powder Vision In-Process Gauge and InfraLab-e Food Analyzer(At-Line) are on display. We invite you to discover the wonders of real-time measurement and experience the potential.・Combolife is a foldable and assembly container manufactured for transportation and storage of liquid products. It is both easy to handle and suitable.
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