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Booth Highlights

All the machines to be exhibited can be demonstrated. Bringing in your requested product is also welcome.
We exhibit all lineup of skewer machines such as high-performance automatic conveyor type and compact type which is completely air-driven. You can compare machines according to your specification and find out about the performance and easy handling.
Snack stick cutter can cut long stick type product such as welsh onions and dry sausages. You will be able to find out other machines such as dice cutter and giblet cutter are easy handling and efficient.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. Various sausage cutters:
Widely developed for major manufacturing factories and for retail stores.
Applicable for each type of sausage casing.

Various skewer machines:
Applicable for frankfurters, diced meat, meat balls, dumpling, etc.
Lineup from high-performance automatic conveyor type to compact type, according to your specification.

Other machines:
Giblet cutter, snack stick cutter, dice cutter, etc. are available.
Compact, easy to handle, and efficient.
We can design and manufacture machines according to your request.
Please contact us "I would like such a machine ".
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