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We are planning to exhibit a machine that covers everything from raw material processing, heat treatment, and packaging.
Handtmann of Germany, a pioneer of filling machine manufacturers, proposes a production line for sausages, hamburgers, and meatballs using the latest filling machine VF800 series.
In addition, we will exhibit the new model we4000slicer, which is a high-performance slicer by weber, for the first time in Japan. The line configuration up to the packaging machine contributes to labor saving and improvement of yield.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. We at Terada Trading handle top-class meat processing machines from around the world, mainly in Europe, and we offer a wide range of proposals, including hams and sausages, delicatessen items, and raw material processing.
Not only sales for machine but also we have branches in Tohoku, Osaka, and Kyushu, including the Saitama head office, and we have a complete system for after-service.
In addition to regular repairs and maintenance, we provide various services such as holding seminars to improve the operation skills of our customers.
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