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Major Application of Steam Kneader FJ Series
• Skewered dumplings • Rice Flour dough • YUBESHI • GYUHI • DAIFUKU rice cakes • HABUTAE rice cakes • Other products to be steam-kneaded
FJ Series is a high performance kneader originally developed by FUJI which automatically carries out four functions of steaming, kneading, cooling and aeration.
FSP Series
Even a single machine can respond to every steaming environment ranging from production of dampish buns to non-pressurized high temperature sterilization of products.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. Cooker, Steamer FSP-10CPT, FSP-R1PT (Simplex Rack Type)
Steam Kneader FJ Series (FJ-22PT, FJ-66N2AWPT)
Rice Steaming Machine
Twin Screw Extruder
Steam-based dryer
Steam-based fermentation room
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