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"yummy anytime. Always delicious"
You can eat delicious food anytime, anywhere! With our unique 3D freezing technology, quick freezing is performed while maintaining the deliciousness of food. We reduce food loss and support an earth-friendly food culture.
In this exhibition, in addition to 3D freezer, 3D chiller & freezer will be exhibited. The 3D chiller & freezer quickly cools to a temperature range where it can be safely stored while maintaining the deliciousness of the cooked food. Supports high humidity cooling technology of 3D freezer

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. ■ 3D freezer
Quick cooling while maintaining food quality. The KOGA 3D Freezer uses a unique non-throughflow heat exchange method (ACVCS) to quickly freeze the food in a moist, cold air that gently wraps it in a uniform manner so as not to take away most of the water from the food.

■ 3D chiller & freezer
Since it conducts cold air three-dimensionally and quickly, it quickly passes through the temperature range where bacteria can easily grow, and quickly cools to a temperature suitable for storage while maintaining the shape and deliciousness of the food.
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