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An auger-type soup feeder that can accurately measure and supply powder or granular materials will be exhibited at our booth.
The features of the device are that it is lightweight, compact and can be installed even in a narrow space, and that each part can be easily removed for easy cleaning.
Check the demonstration and experience the high accuracy of material feeding.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. We offer comprehensive solutions by proposing and manufacturing a chain of equipment for producing all types of instant noodles, including bagged-type, cup-type, fried, and non-fried noodles.
we have a record of delivering over 800 instant noodle production lines in 40 or more countries. With shares that exceed 50% in both domestic and overseas markets for instant noodle production lines we've earned the trust of many customers.
We also offer consultations and proposals regarding automation and labor-saving in manufacturing sites, even for customers in industries other than food processing.
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