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We are a manufacturer of back closing clips.
Our closing machine "Coniclipper" and "Air packner" can inporove your closing operations greatly.
In this time, we will exhibit new products related to packaging. This is a must-see for those in charge of fruit and vegetable packaging. Please visit our booth.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. Max Co., Ltd. is a traditional company that has been in business for 80 years.
We are manufuctureing not only the bag closing machine "Conikripper" and "Air Packner", but also tools for agriculture.
We are famous for manufacturing stapeler, air nail gun. We are producing a wide range of unique equipment about office-related products and construction-related products.
We produce a number of tools to make your work efficiently with fastening technology
Location 6-6,nihonbashi-hakozakicho,cyuo-ku,tokyo,Japan
TEL +81-3-3669-8138
FAX +81-35644-7546
Inquiry hours From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
E-mail kikkts@max-ltd.co.jp
URL https://www.max-ltd.co.jp/agf/index.html