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We will exhibit various machines for factories, hotel restaurants, and stores, mainly IH cookers with carbon neutrality.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. 1. Large IH cooker (IH-030AS / IH-035AS)
2. Small IH cooker (IH-005 / IH007)
3.Auto Wok (IH-003AW)
4. Rotary kiln (IHRK-007-3)
5.Automatic measuring system recipe (PAMS-04)
Location 14-20, Mitsuya-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie 510-0802, Japan
TEL +81-59-331-5536
FAX +81-59-328-4446
Inquiry hours AM8:30-PM5:30
E-mail info@itoh-kouki.co.jp
URL http://itoh-kouki.co.jp/