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We suggest and arrange for food industry the superior products to low dusting characteristics designed and managed in same quality standard as cleanroom wears of the semiconductor, the liquid crystal factory.Preventive measures against hair falls, safety & environmental measures and concerned products. In addition, we plan the announcement of new products of clean coverall with integrated hood. As HACCP supported products, easy to wear and can expect an effect for prevention of hair fall and improvement of a wear feeling. We handle a nitrile gloves, use and throw away masks & etc.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. The company has a laboratory & planning office.New products in testing that visualize a dusting examination and the way coming out of remains that possible for development and comparison evaluation examinations.
Other than standard products, it is possible for the correspondence of the custumized original special order products, too.The production system can support in the domestic company factory other than overseas factories.〈Handling products〉Cleansuits, Cleanroom wears, HACCP corresponded wears, Hoods, Caps, Sanitary Caps, Inner Hoods, Hair caps, Hair prevented products & etc.
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