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We will introduce two models Miracle Grinder, which is a new product, and Miracle 8 Eight a, which is a Soymilk Extractor.Miracle Grinder changed its concept from grinding by rubbing and evolved into a grinding wheel-free machine.With the use of SUS slits, stable grinding is possible without daily fine-tuning.Next, Miracle 8 Eight a is our company's standard hit product which has recently been renewed.Compact & Powerful. Because of our company's original liquid-squeezing structure, the key to its popularity is its stable performance even for a long time. Please take a look.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. This year marks the 105th anniversary of our founding, and we are the top manufacturer of TOFU and DEEP-FRIED TOFU machines.
We have exported to 160 cities in 48 countries.Our greatest strength is that we can offer and provide one-stop proposals from small plant to large plant.We are also actively engaged in new research and development and have acquired about 70 patents and design registration cases both domestically and internationally.In recent years, Japan has been actively engaged in robot technology, AI technology, and remote maintenance.
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Inquiry hours Eight to five o`clock in the afternoon
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