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In order to cope with the serious labor shortage, the food industry is also working on automation, labor saving, and improvement of the work environment.
We will focus on applications that reduce the hurdles to introduction and operation, as well as safe, secure, and simple applications using human-collaborative robots.
We will also introduce our "Robot Pavilion" and "Automatic Factory," which are pre-introduction demonstration and experimental facilities with 100 robots in Tokyo, Nagoya, Mikawa, and Fukuoka, and which serve 10,000 customers annually in their automation studies.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. We offer sales proposals for machine element parts, industrial robots, and factory automation systems to all kinds of manufacturing customers throughout Japan.
As a technology-oriented group, we fully utilize our consulting function while actively working to absorb cutting-edge technologies and systems, and provide detailed support for various needs from production to logistics.
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