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Booth Highlights

It will be our first time to show Chocolate World Tempering machine 12kg type and enrobing line for it in Japan.
Also, we will introduce "Form Box", "Sugar coating machine" and "Chocolate coating machine".
Please visit our booth and check them out!

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. We deal with ingredients for confectionery like Chocolate, Nuts, Marzipan, Cocoa powder etc.
And we have machines for chocolates such as Tempering machine, coating machine and so on as well.
Location UNIZO Oi4-Chome Bldg 4F, 4-13-17,Oi Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-6429-4050
FAX +81-3-6429-4051
Inquiry hours 9:00AM-5:00PM
E-mail yamamoto.yuusuke@j-maeda.co.jp
URL https://www.j-maeda.co.jp/