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We run the Flow Jet Mixer, to demonstrate the kneading of flour and water.
In order to make the continuous-mixing system complete, we combine the Flow Jet Mixer, several units of the Funken Auto Feeder(constant-feeding equipment for powders/granules), and liquid pumps. The system utilizes the feeding accuracy of the Funken Auto Feeder, which allows high level recipe management and continuous production of high quality mixing products to be achieved. We have a lot of experience in replacing the existing batch process with the continuous production process.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. Powder Constant Feeder
[Funken Auto Feeder]
This is table-type powder feeder. It suits for general fine powder or highly adhesive powder.

Gravimetric Constant Feeder
[Weighing Auto Feeder]
This is a loss-in-weight feeder. It is the combination of Funken Auto Feeder, load cell and PLC control board.

[Flow Jet Mixer]
This is a disperser for continuous moistening, kneading, dissolution and emulsification.
[Funken Flow Mixer]
This mixes different kinds of powder during the transportation. It is usually used with Funken Auto Feeder.
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