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With the aim of reducing food loss and expanding the sales area, the needs to extend the shelf life and expiration date by gas replacement packaging (MAP) is increasing. We will exhibit our new model of "Residual O2 / CO2 Meter" series, which is ideal for checking after MAP packaging. There are three types of lineup to suit your needs, also focusing on operability and maintainability from the user's perspective.
We will also exhibit Dissolved Oxygen Meter, MLSS meter, and pH/ORP Meter for water quality management for wastewater treatment facilities in food factories.

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Residual Oxygen/CO2 Meter


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Oxygen meters

Carbon dioxide analyzers

DO Meter model ID-160T


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Water quality measurement equipment

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. We are focusing not only on technology, but also on service and support for customer issues, which is unique to domestic manufacturers. We also focusing to troubleshooting information on our website and videos, which helps customers to solve problems on-site even outside our business hours.
At FOOMA, we will also exhibit a water quality meter (dissolved oxygen meter, MLSS meter, pH / ORP meter) for the wastewater treatment facility of a food factory.
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