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KIHARA WORKS is an engineering company of the dehydrating system and
supplying to the food industry its technology enriched for 120 years since
the company was founded 120 years ago.
KIHARA calculates using its proprietary know-how the required air flow, air volume and the heat amount and proposes the dehydrating systems which meets the customer requirement such as finish color, aroma, texture, the processing amount target dehydrating time, etc.
KIHARA can offer a wide range of systems from tailor-made dehydrator such as conveyor type to standard batch dehydrator.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. SM Series: Compact-type Food Dehydrators (SUS)
F Series: Food Dehydrators
FS Series: Food Dehydrators (SUS)
Customized Dehydrators
KIHARA’s dehydrating DDS technology enables the production of Dehydrated products of excellent quality, resulting in a dramatic energy saving effect. KIHARA received from the government the awards of“Excellent Energy-Saving System”, “Manufacturer Japan Award” and “The Science and Technology Award”.
Location 3106-1, Aio-nishi, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi 754-1102, Japan
TEL +81-83-984-2211
FAX +81-83-984-2177
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