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The Joule heating machine heats food by passing electricity through it. No heat medium is required. Heat the food within 1 minute. The Joule heating machine has the following three effects. (1)Maintain flavor and texture. (2)Heat kimchi, etc. to extend the expiration date. (3)Labor saving and environmental improvement at the manufacturing site We are exhibiting a stirring joule machine for the purpose of improving production efficiency by continuous in-line cooking. We propose CO2 reduction using green energy and contribution to SDGs.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. The Joule heating device can be applied to various foods such as low to high viscosity foods and foods containing solids. The Super Joule heating device heats low-viscosity seasonings and beverages in about 3 seconds. You can maintain the color and flavor of food. The agitated Joule inline cooker is a machine that cooks continuously. You don't need a kneader anymore. The annular Joule heating device is a machine specializing in the production of custard cream and flower paste. It will be a hygienic production line.
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