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FOG-Sludge Reduction System & Services that helps to solve problems and reduce costs related to FOG (fats, oil, greases) as well as concrete measures for ESG, SDGs, carbon neutrality, scope 3 and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. This is the first unveiling of this new system & service with the addition of a patented digital centralized management function.
In consideration of COVID-19 measures and reduction of environmental impact, we provide video explanations and distribute digital materials with QR codes so that visitors can understand our business in a non-contact style.

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FOG-Sludge Reduction System & Services


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Sludge-processing equipment and technology

Water-treatment technology

Drainage-processing equipment and technology

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. Our business domain is decarbonization. The means to achieve this goal is our proprietary environmental technology for water and oil.

For food service establishments and commercial facilities, we offer a unique kitchen wastewater management service to prevent clogged pipes before they occur. For food factories, we propose “FOG-Sludge Reduction System & Services”. To protect the water environment, we promote Green Transformation (GX) by converting FOG collected through wastewater management into resources.
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