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Booth Highlights

we are demonstrating chocolate coating that is difficult to make uniform.
You can imagine the uniformity and mass production.
[Enrober] is compact, easy to remove parts, and easy to clean, so it is also suitable for changing colors.
In addition, we are exhibiting a [melting kettle] that melts chocolate quickly.
You can choose the size that suits you, and it has heat retention, easy maintenance, and hygiene, and it is also available with a pump, which is an excellent product that can be supplied with the button. It is a product unique to our company that is comparable to other companies.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. We design, manufacture and sell chocolate making machines and peripherals, such as Enrober, melting kettle, tempering machine and cooling tunnnel and so on.
In particular, we focus on after-sales follow-up, and our sales staff also serves as a technical position, so we have a system in place to respond to problems and troubles in the shortest time, so you can use the machine with confidence.
In addition, we are also engaged in plumbing, sanitary plumbing, stainless steel sheet metal processing, on-site construction, etc., and we are working with customer first.
Location 688 Toriyama-cho Kouhoku-ku Yokohama 224-0035 Japan
TEL +81-45-471-5898
Inquiry hours 8:00-17:00
E-mail ski@bg.wakwak.com
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