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JPNext contributes to solving customers' problems in this pandemic. Piab Vacuum Conveyor is a lightweight and compact pneumatic conveyor for powder handling. It can automate the manual transport and transfer of powder materials into containers. Also we will display the Mobile Vacuum Lifter MOP, which is mobile and requires no on site work. The MOP assists in the transfer of heavy materials in the factory, and can provides a workplace where anyone can work regardless of their strength. Please visit our booth.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. Piab Vacuum Conveyor is an pneumatic conveying system that automates the transfer of powder in the food manufacturing process. The conveyor is compact and lightweight.
TAWI Vacuum Lifter is a lifting system that can assist in the transportation of heavy loads such as packages, raw materials, packaging, drums, etc., handled in factories with the power of air, making manual work safer and more efficient.
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