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Heat seal inspection of retort pouches.Enable 100% inspection after filling, which was difficult with visual and hand-push inspections.The new method, with its impressive detection capability detects heat seal defects that are likely to overlooked in visual inspections.
As the ultrasonic sensor directly detects detachments of the seal that cannot be seen from the outside, human error does not occur.
A 100% inspection is possible just by installing the device on the existing equipment, and products can be delivered with peace of mind from the perspective of quality assurance.

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Ultrasonic Heat Seal Tester


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Metal detectors

Inspection equipment for vessels and cans

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X-ray sensor

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Inspection equipment for gas-barrier performance

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. In order to facilitate the rapid advancement of cutting-edge Monozukuri, our factory automation products utilize a wealth of proprietary automation technologies.
In addition to the precision machines that are essential for manufacturing mobile devices, we develop and produce inspection systems such as leak testers and ultrasonic testers which support the enhancement of automotive and home electrical products, and finishing robots, which have inherited the skills of expert artisans.
At Yamaha Fine Technologies, we ensure that Yamaha quality, which has gone beyond musical instruments to redefine
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