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Our greatest strength is the track record of more than 3,000 construction works. We will solve problems such as cleanliness management, room pressure control, air conditioning equipment, and measures against fine particles in the customer's work environment. In addition, since we hold a specific construction business permit (machinery and equipment installation work, pipe work business), integrated construction in new manufacturing and large-scale renovation is possible.

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. ・ Design, manufacture and construction of clean booths and clean rooms.
・ Constant temperature and humidity clean room ・ Air-conditioned clean booth ・ Cell culture processing facility (CPF) ・ Dustproof booth ・ Explosionproof booth ・Design and construction of machine covers, local exhaust systems, etc.
Location 352-1, Gokanjima, Fujishi, Shizuoka 416-0946, Japan
TEL +81-545-63-1235
FAX +81-545-65-6801
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E-mail mitsuyuki_tomomi@kamata.co.jp
URL https://www.kamata.co.jp