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Generally, to drive food processing machineries, pneumatics and electric actuators are used. Instead of them, new water hydraulics technology using tap water is proposed in our booth. NADS devices without needing lubricating oil will be on display. The actuators are waterproof and easily washable. Furthermore, they ensure a risk-free, if they are used in any unsafe environment. In the booth, a conveyor model powered by the water hydraulics is also displayed, to understand our new eco-friendly technology.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. Some components required to drive the machines, such as motoric devices, pump, solenoid vales and relief valves are on display. One of the special feature is oil-free, our devices ensure safety driving with the power like oil hydraulics without risk of oil pollution. Another feature is actuators will be driven by tap water only. To solve some problems such as to avoid the wet with water or the short‐circuit, NADS is the best solution. The pump unit consist of NADS valves have leak detection system whitch notify you about abnormalities detection by ordinary E-mail, Twitter or LINE etc.
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