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 The "BACTESTER," a portable device that automatically measures the number of bacteria from food and other samples in 5 minutes without incubation, will be exhibited.
 The BACTESTER is attracting attention from domestic and foreign companies working on SDGs because it can measure raw materials in various industrial fields, bacteria counts in water that are difficult to culture, and airborne bacteria when needed.
 In this exhibition, we will propose how to use the system from preparation of specimens according to customers' needs based on examples of use in various industries.

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Microorganism fluorescence image measuring instrument “BACTESTER”

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Microbial-inspection equipment

HACCP distribution systems

Software systems for food-processing plants

Food-processing facilities

Food safety

Food-hygiene inspection technology

Traceability systems

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Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) guidelines

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Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. 【Products】
Microorganism fluorescence image measuring instrument “BACTESTER”
【Technology and Services】
・Sample Preparation
・Wipe inspection
・Measurement of airborne bacteria
・Cost of Testing
*We will have a demonstration of test measurements using actual consumables.
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