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DANGAN G2 standard type/ 6bars type

Packing technology for the future

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Evolved heat seal technology for next-generation high-speed filling!

Line speed:4~30m/min
Product length:40~160mm(standard type) 30~90mm(6bars type)
Film width:70~200mm
Max production speed:400packs/min(standard type) 500packs/min(6 bars type)
Machine size:1,450mm(W)x980mm(L)x2,200mm(H)
Machine weight:Approx.1,350kg

Product Features

Feature 1 The feature of this machine is the high-speed production ability, 30 m/min (500 packs / min).
Feature 2 The film roll is fixed by motor drive. With center return function.
Feature 3 The bag making guide, roll position, etc. can be motorized and adjusted with a switch.
Feature 4 Read the 2D code of the film and call the operating conditions.
Feature 5 Touch panel display for troubleshooting, error logs, etc.
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