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Heater unit

High power, short temperature rise times! Often employed for dissolving solid materials and agitating high-viscosity liquids.

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Compact and Reduced introduction costs.

Heated stainless steel tank with integrated heating and stirring. This product has the heater mounted directly on the vessel, making the equipment compact. If the temperature controller is a chiller, cooling is also possible, but this product only provides heating. If only heating is considered, we recommend this product, which is significantly cheaper than a chiller. A thermometer is installed in the inner tank and the heater is interlocked according to the temperature. Temperature control is easy, as the temperature is heated and maintained up to the set temperature.

Product Features

Feature 1 high power
Feature 2 Reduced temperature rise time
Feature 3 compact
Feature 4 Reduced introduction costs.
Feature 5 Many delivery records.
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