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Stainless steel container unit with weighing function

Weighing and stirring in one tank!

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All processes, from blending to weighing, can be carried out in one tank.

Weighing unit for stainless steel containers, which can weigh and stir in one unit. The weight is measured by a load cell attached to the base and displayed on the control panel. The base also comes with a pedestal for installing an agitator, so that the two functions of 'weight measurement' and 'agitation' can be completed in a single unit. Various uses are possible in conjunction with "weighing".

Product Features

Feature 1 Capable of measuring the amount of feedstock when feeding raw materials
Feature 2 (in combination with automatic valves) for fixed-quantity feeding and discharging of raw materials.
Feature 3 (in combination with automatic valves and agitators) fixed quantity of agitated material can be fed in - agitated - discharged.
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