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Compact Retort Cooker HLM-36EF

You can easily make retort foods. Compact Retort Cooker HLM-36EF for small lot production can heat and sterilize food while controlling the F-value.

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The device automaticlally processes vacuum-packed foods from pressure/heat sterilization to cooling.

The vacuum-packed foods are automatically processed from pressure/heat sterilization to cooling. Compact retort cooker that can easily make retort foods. Retort foods can be stored for a long time at room temperature and planned production is possible. It is a food that attracts attention from restaurants and side dish producers in retail stores and online shopping. The retort food making has become possible with a small device. Calculation and control settings of the F-value in sterilization are easy, and the device is compact, space-saving, and low cost. It is an ideal model for entry.

Product Features

Feature 1 With this compact retort cooker, you can execute the sterilization of retort food simply by setting and registering the desired F-value and the maximum temperature that the food can withstand.
Feature 2 Pressurization force can be set to minimize bag breakage and damage to the retort pouch.
Feature 3 The F-value, chamber temperature, core temperature, chamber pressure, and elapsed time can be printed and stored with an optional dedicated printer.
Feature 4 The compact retort cooker can be installed simply by providing power source and water supply/drainage. Qualification for handling boilers or pressure vessels is unnecessary. Significant cost savings can be achieved compared to large equipment.
Feature 5 Compact design enables space-saving and low cost, making it an ideal model for entry.
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