Product Information

LFC Biodigester

The LFC biodigester is an aerobic food digester that disposes of your food waste safely and cost effectively.

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Constantly Digesting

All configuration, indications, reports, and statistics are available through the touch screen.

Connects to the cloud so statistics on usage, diagnostics, and service schedules can be monitored remotely.

The LFC biodigester is a fully enclosed automatic biodigester that disposes of most food matter within 24 hours. The LFC biodigester can be used to save money at a variety of facilities that have waste food.

Product Features

Feature 1 Convenience Quickly digest waste food on site with no odor or noise.
Feature 2 Cost Savings Significantly reduce cost to dispose of and manage waste food.
Feature 3 Compliance Safely dispose of your waste without sending it to the landfill.
Feature 4 Cleanliness Eliminate smells, mess, and pests from your trash bins.
Feature 5 Control See statistics on usage, diagnostics, and service schedules with the LFC Cloud.
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