Product Information

NIP-IIID Metel Detector Standard Type

Standard Type (Conveyor type for aluminum package)

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Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

Detecting micro metal foreign objects in products with the magnetic field sensor.

Compact design of machine length of 800 mm. We can offer a lot of types of machine for customer's various purposes.

Product Features

Feature 1 Detectable for metal foreign objects in aluminum foil package.
Feature 2 User friendly operation. No individual setting is required for various character, size and weight of products.
Feature 3 Not affected by liquid, high concentration of salt and high or low temperature of products
Feature 4 Compact design of machine with magnetic field system equipped with permanent magnet.
Feature 5 Detectable for magnetic foreign objects such as iron and stainless steel except non-magnetic foreign objects such as copper and lead.
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