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Ideal for food manufacturing sites. World's first SIL2PLD, 3D radar sensor

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3D laser sensor with controller

RoboSafe can also be used in work areas such as dust, powder, water droplets and smoke where light and laser sensors cannot be used.

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Feature 1 The LBK System detects when an operator is in a dangerous area and prevents the machine from restarting, eliminating the need for the operator to verify that the area is secure before restarting the machine.
Feature 2 It works even in environments where it is difficult to use with optical sensors and laser sensors. Optical instruments often fail due to dust, smoke, water droplets, or waste generated during the manufacturing process. The LBK System is a system that is not easily affected by the environment such as smoke, dust, chips, splashes, and waste generated by machining. Developed and adopted 24GHz radar algorithm
Feature 3 The LBK System can be configured with the LBK-C22 (control unit) and up to 6 LBK-S01 (sensors). The maximum distance to be monitored is 4 m.
Feature 4 Programmable Mute Function You can configure a sensor group and programmatically stop the function of the sensor in that group. Operators can unlock and access dangerous areas according to production needs. No need for perfect alignment between sensors
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