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Sorting Revolution with a combination between X-rays and AI.

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"Combination between X-rays and AI realizes innovative sorting by internal inspection.
Sorting performance is significantly improved by shape sorting, visual inspection by RGB, material characterization by Dual-NIR, and image processing technology."

Product Features

Feature 1 Combining X-rays and advanced shape-finding technology Advanced shape-finding technology, which learns features through deep learning, identifies accepts, internal defects, such as insect damage, and half cracks and double (two grains in one shell) grains one by one.
Feature 2 Mix Sensitivity It detects the best combination of information obtained from three RGB wavelengths and two NIR wavelengths. The upgraded Satake 3S system evaluates the product application and automatically creates the sensitivity for accurate defect removal.
Feature 3 Spectra utilizes six optical wavelengths (Red, Green, Blue, IR1, IR2, X-Ray) and advanced shape sorting. The combination of these enables inspection of the external, and internal properties of the product.
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