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DANGAN ASTRON MARK3 reasonable and compact type

Packing technology for the future

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The evolved ASTRON realizes compactness, versatility, and high functionality!

Line speed:4~18m/min
Product length:40~160mm
Film width:70~200mm
Max production speed:360pouches/min
Machine size:1,150mm(W)x720mm(L)x2,090mm(H)
Machine weight:Approx. 750kg

Product Features

Feature 1 Space saving is realized by integrating the operation panel into the main body.
Feature 2 Improved operability by lowering the position of the operation panel.
Feature 3 Increased reproducibility of production conditions by pressure-controlled electro-pneumatic support.
Feature 4 Read the 2D code of the film and call each registered operating condition.
Feature 5 Touch panel display for troubleshooting, error logs, etc.
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