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Personal cooling system, COOLEX

COOLEX, a personal cooling system, which cools workers' bodies directly,provides a new alternative solution to air conditioning in food factories with severe heat that is difficult to solve.

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Chiller type personal cooling system, COOLEX

COOLEX, a system that directly cools workers by producing cold water in a dedicated small chiller and circulating it through a special clothing worn under sanitary clothing, is used at many sites, including baking, pot-boiling, cleaning, inspection, etc. Depending on the actual site conditions, customers can choose from a water- and dust-proof type, a hot-site types, and forklift-mounted type, etc. There is also a multi-type type in which a large chiller is installed outdoors and piping is installed according to site conditions. We also offer a service to try our products in the field.

Product Features

Feature 1 Compact dedicated chiller with high cooling capacity: This dedicated chiller can produce chilled water with a water temperature of 10℃ even in environments exceeding the upper limit of ambient temperature for use with spot coolers (45℃ or higher). This chiller can cool down even in extremely hot and humid environments that have been given up so far.
Feature 2 Reasons for choosing the chiller type: Our dedicated chillers are a small and portable, and they require no installation work. Therefore, they can be used as soon as AC power is available. The cooling effect lasts indefinitely as long as the power is on. The water temperature can be set according to the user's preference (7℃ to 20℃), and since it is a circulating type, there is no need for constant water supply.
Feature 3 Efficient cooling mechanism: Special cooling clothing can be worn under sanitary clothing and placed in close contact with the body to provide an effective cooling sensation. In food factories where there are many heat sources, it is not practical to cool the space.This is efficient because it cools only the workers who really need to be cooled, not the space, and it does not affect product quality because it does not cool the production line that is being heated. Also, since it is a water-cooled type that does not generate wind, there is no effect on powder operations.
Feature 4 Cooling effect proven in extremely hot environment (WBGT value: 35): Measurements were taken under the supervision of Department of Health Policy and Management, Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, UOEH (University of Occupational and Environmental Health), at a temperature of 40℃ and humidity of 50%. The superiority of wearing COOLEX compared to not wearing COOLEX was confirmed in rectal temperature, esophageal temperature, heart rate, and estimated perspiration rate.
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