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Palper finisher

The latest model of strainers for fruit juices, sauces, soups, etc.!

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Strainer, Palper Finisher

It is a machine that automatically strains food (removes and separates fibers). Pulper is made by crushing fruits, vegetables, bean paste, grains, etc. and squeezing and straining. Finisher is to sort and sift after the above-mentioned pulper process is completed. Our Palper Finisher machine demonstrates the functions of squeezing and sieving Pulper and Finisher in one unit. It is the role of the pulper finisher and the strainer to remove the excess to eliminate the rough texture of the ingredients and improve the texture.

Product Features

Feature 1 1. Processing capacity of 300kg-1200kg per hour (varies depending on the ingredients)
Feature 2 Uses: Foods Wheat flour, kechammimo, persimmon, potato, mandarin orange, sardine and other soup strainers, sauce strainers, potato strainers, seed removal, pu, manju dough, village rain, sauces used in restaurants, vegetables and fruits Flesh puree baby food Fruits, vegetables Tomatoes, strawberries, apples, pumpkins, satsu
Feature 3 Durable, sturdy and long lasting. Due to its simple structure, it requires very little maintenance and can be washed with water, making it very easy to wash.
Feature 4 By changing the shape of the drum to various shapes such as punching metal, we will design it appropriately according to the ingredients. If you want a smoother mouthfeel, or if you want to increase the yield, you may want to divide the screen into two stages.
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