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Pulsed electric field (PEF) treatment is a new food preservation method that uses short electric bursts to minimize or cause no adverse effects on food quality.

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Pulse Electric Field, Electroporation

Preservation is essential for year-round food consumption, but traditional methods such as drying, salting, fermentation, and heat treatment, while providing benefits, can also have a negative impact on color, flavor, and concentration of vitamins and other nutrients.
Many consumers today want fresh, natural foods. Therefore, when processing food, it is necessary to consider maintaining its natural quality.
Pasteurization has been developed as a method to inactivate microorganisms and maintain quality without applying heat, one of which is pulsed field technology (PEF).

Product Features

Feature 1 Extension of shelf life : Electroporation inactivates microorganisms by perforating cell membranes. Therefore, food safety is achieved, but food quality and nutritional value are maintained. PEF treatment keeps vitamins, antioxidants, and pigments intact and prolongs shelf life. Extended shelf life has a positive impact on supply chain logistics from factories to retailers. It provides an opportunity to reduce exports and waste.
Feature 2 Improved food texture :PEF treatment can reorganize the structure of food by perforating cell membranes in plant or animal tissue. This results in tissue softening, easier and lower energy cutting and increased process speed. This is expected to lead to more efficient product handling and manufacturing, high quality products and exciting new product development.
Feature 3 Business chance :PEF improves food quality and food safety, optimizes process efficiency, reduces energy costs and encourages new product introductions. This makes this technology especially suitable for small and medium-sized food processors in the Japanese market. Helps meet consumer demand for fresh, nutritious and new foods that contribute to health and well-being.
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