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GEA FoodTray

New packaging "GEA FoodTray" in the era of de-plasticization and SDGs

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Ecological cardboard / film composite solution

The cardboard and film are partially bonded in a deep wrapping machine and can be easily separated by the consumer after use. It uses 80% less plastic than traditional packaging solutions and is completely recyclable. In addition, it can be printed on the entire surface of the package, and the product can be described with characters and images.
Only sample products will be exhibited during the period, but please take a look.

Product Features

Feature 1 Partial sealing makes it easy to separate plastic and paper, and all are recyclable
Feature 2 Reduce plastic usage by up to 80%
Feature 3 A new packaging form that has never existed before
Feature 4 MAP & Skin pack compatible
Feature 5 Suitable for a wide range of products such as meat, sausages, sliced cheeses, fish and shellfish, bread and bakery products, vegetarian and vegan dishes.
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