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LCM ATC Tempering Machine

The only tempering machine to be washed with hot water cut cleaning time and cost drastically.

No need to stop the machine for changing colour, you can also reduce downtime.

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A Cost-effective Machine Allows You to Cut Downtime and Labour

With special design, the tempering machine from LCM ATC series can be easily washed with hot water. Hence, time and labour are to be reduced very much and you can save cost for them.

Regarding constructure, adding vibrating table on the tempering machine, it turns to be a molder. You can also use it as an enrober with an enrobing unit.

In this way, since LCM ATC series work as tempering, moulding and enrobing system, you can cut cost considerably.

Product Features

Feature 1 Washable with hot water. A special design makes it easy to change the colour of chocolate and drastically cuts cleaning time and cost.
Feature 2 A tempering machine can also be used as a enrober and molder.
Feature 3 Various application. LCM ATC is suitable to several products such as cookie, biscuit and candy.
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