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Produce Worldwide Trend "Healthy Food"

COVID-19 pandemic has brought global attention to health more than ever and people come to choose health-friendly snacks.

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K&S M Technology Produces Flat Bottom Product

Various types of pliable machines can be used to form products into unlimited shapes with a flat bottom.

With over 70 years experiences, K&S machines offers you the best performance, durability and simple operation.
The change over of the moulding rollers is a simple one-man-job with no special tools requires.

Construction details ;
・Fully automatic mode of operation
・Stainless steel / aluminum and teflonized
・Integrated feeding system (optional)
・Speed infinitely variable
・Driven loosing shaft
・Touch panel

Product Features

Feature 1 Mould the products with high viscosity such as dates and marzipan
Feature 2 Mould into various shapes
Feature 3 No binder
Feature 4 Easy to change over of moulding roller
Feature 5 No need to cut products surface with rotary mould
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