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Drumless Conveyor System

Purely made in Japan Drumless Conveyor system

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Quiet operation with resin link. Quick after-sales service as all parts are made in Japan,.

Quiet operation with resin link. All parts are made in Japan, quick after-sales service.

Our drumless conveyor system is a purely made in Japan conveyor system that replaces the conventional drum-type spiral conveyor and simplifies cleanability and maintenance work.

After more than 10 years since its launch, It is now used by a wide variety of customers such as coagulating yogurt and cooling raw materials such as yeast, in addition to our main confectionery and bakery makers.

We promptly respond to after-sales service requests.

Product Features

Feature 1 By attaching a sprocket to one shaft and making it a multi-stage drive, it is possible to drive without installing a center drum, and it enabled to eliminate the element of dust accumulation. In addition, the split-type sprocket used in multiple stages provides easy-to-replace structure.
Feature 2 Realized quiet operation of the conveyor by using resin links and rails with a low coefficient of friction. The resin link is an original link unique to MisuzuKoki developed for this conveyor. The belt link can be removed with a single flathead screwdriver, no power tools are required, and anyone, even non-specialized technicians, can easily replace it.
Feature 3 The high-pressure hot water cleaning nozzle are ideal for removing deposits. After cleaning, the belt is dried with a drainer equipment using a blower. The cleaning part and draining part are removable and can be cleaned. After the end of production, belt cleaning can be started by pressing a button. It is a system that anyone can use. (About 3 hours of natural drying time will be needed after washing and draining.)
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