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Making fried oil healthier and reducing cooking costs!

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Stopper for oil deterioration

The features can be summarized as follows
-Stable quality of fried food
-Relatively light-colored fried foods can be produced from dark-colored oil.
-Significantly reduced frequency of oil changes
-Minimizes taste transfer between different foods
-Non-chemical, non-toxic, no additives
-No power supply or other utilities required
-Easy installation and maintenance
-Contribute to a good environment
And so on and so forth.

Product Features

Feature 1 If you are fried in a deli or restaurant, you may be surprised at how much cooking oil costs each year. Because EcoFriendly Chef Corp. helps thousands of professional kitchen owners dramatically halve the cost of oil. An innovative new product called OiL Chef will revolutionize the food industry. The award-winning OiL Chef unit is one of the most sophisticated techniques in the world of fried foods today.
Feature 2 The OiL Chef device is a simple plug-and-play solution that can be attached to a deep-fried food container within 10 seconds. According to customer reports, the first few differences that are noticeable when using OilChef devices are: (1) Shortening cooking time (2) Crispy texture (3) Brighter fried color. Furthermore, I think that the temperature setting of the fryer is usually about 170 ° C to 180 ° C, but when using OilChef, the temperature setting of the fryer can be lowered by 5 to 10 ° C.
Feature 3 Those that form the basis for determining the oil change cycle include foaming, smoking, and oil discoloration, inferior food taste, and loss of crispness. With the OilChef unit, one can expect much less foam formation, an improvement to the smoke point, improved texture, less taste influence between foods, lighter food color, and much longer and more consistent food quality. This allows the oil to be used for longer periods of time beyond the normal oil change cycle. In this way, fryer oil can be saved.
Feature 4 OilChef supports almost all types of oils, including shortening, genuine vegetable oils and animal fats. While there is concern that when oil oxidizes, harmful byproducts will adhere to the frying, OilChef can accelerate frying by suppressing oxidation while increasing the thermal conductivity of the oil. It has the effect of maintaining the crispiness of things and making it less likely to generate harmful by-products in oil. OilChef is maintained once a week( usually at the time of oil change) to maintain its original performance.
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