Product Information

ProBlue Flex Melter

The ProBlue Flex melter from Nordson is advanced technology that adapts to any operation with ease and simplicity.

New Products

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

BBconn Controls

The ProBlue Flex incorporates intelligent technology that enables ultra-precise dispensing accuracy. It is complemented by Nordson’s new BBconn Controls, which allows for remote operation, more visibility, real-time oversight, and the data and analytics needed for continuous improvement.

Product Features

Feature 1 Drop in replacement for ProBlue melters
Feature 2 Flexible design allows for the perfect configuration for the application
Feature 3 Seamless, easy upgrades allow for high value features to be added at the appropriate time
Feature 4 Precision regulation and auto-tune PID temperature control minimizes bead variation allowing a smaller bead that saves money
Feature 5 Full parent-machine integration via autofill, remote electronic pressure set and PLC communications
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