Product Information

FOG-Sludge Reduction System & Services

・Decarbonize and generate green energy by recycling FOG
・Visualization of CO2 emission reductions through original app;
・Contribute to ESG measures and SDGs

New Products

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

FOG recycling・Wastewater treatment cost reduction・Centralized digital management

FOG from grease traps and oil-water separation tanks is recovered using proprietary automated recovery equipment and converted into a resource that can be used for renewable energy.
The automated FOG recovery equipment consists of a recovery section and a crude refining section for fuel materials.
All data can be managed digitally with original app.
Our System & Services reduces wastewater treatment costs and the amount of industrial waste, and improves operational efficiency.
Ideal tool for decarbonization, GHG reduction measures, ESG measures, SDGs and Scope 3 initiatives.

Product Features

Feature 1 Pre-estimates of the economic and environmental benefits that the client would be able to receive from the introduction of the service. The initial feasibility study includes a site visit and a basic test on fuel conversion with a sample of FOG. Based on the results of this examination, we can simulate the economic and environmental benefits that would be realized after the introduction of our services.
Feature 2 FOG recovery equipment will be engineered to best suit each individual site. Rather than proposing the installation of a predetermined device, the optimal proposal and installation work is carried out by considering the physical conditions of the work site, the properties of the collected FOG, the temperature of the wastewater, the allowable level of modification of existing facilities and the possibility of reusing idle facilities.
Feature 3 Collected FOG is disposed of as industrial waste as it is. By introducing TBM’s unique FOG management service using automated collection equipment, we can create new value for FOG as a recycled fuel resource.
Feature 4 TBM’s digital centralized management system is patented. It visualizes in real time the amount of FOG collected from wastewater in food factories and food establishments, the amount of biofuel produced, the amount of biofuel used in boilers (amount of electricity generated), and even the amount of CO2 emission reduction. It can also automatically generate work reports and invoices for FOG collection sites, improving operational efficiency.
Feature 5 The system can predict the amount of FOG recovered and the level of wastewater load reduction. Based on the daily wastewater discharge and n-Hex, it can also predict the amount of FOG that can be recycled, the n-Hex of wastewater entering the conditioning tank, and the amount of dewatered sludge that will be discharged.
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